Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutty Sark Hits the (Lottery) Jackpot

Good news for the Cutty Sark, the Victorian tea clipper devastated by fire last May: the Heritage Lottery Fund has increased its grant to the restoration project by £10 million.

"The Heritage Lottery Fund has been an incredible partner of the Cutty Sark Trust and we are deeply grateful for this extra support," says Richard Hamilton, chairman of the trust. "The support from the public and our other partners has also been enormously encouraging. The Trust has secured £30 million against the projected cost of £35 million to realise this exciting and innovative project at the heart of the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site."

The world's last surviving sixteenth-century warship, the Mary Rose [see comments to this post], received £21m from the lottery fund, which will be used to build a museum around it in Portsmouth.


Richard Carter, FCD said...

I'm not sure how the Mary Rose qualifies as the world's oldest surviving warship. There are certainly Viking longships still in existence which are more complete than Mary Rose, and I'm pretty sure there will be a few Ancient Greek triremes knocking about somewhere.

Kristan Tetens said...

Good point! That bit came from the usually reliable BBC.

Kristan Tetens said...

...who have now corrected their online story...

Anne Whitfield - author said...

It is good news that the Cutty Sark will be rebuilt.
Last year while visitng England my husband and I walked past it not long after the fire. The smell of burnt timber was still in the air.

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