Sunday, October 14, 2007

Glimpses of "Young Victoria"

Hot off the set, here are a few still photos from the upcoming film Young Victoria, produced by Martin Scorcese and starring Emily Blunt as the queen and Rupert Friend as Prince Albert. For more information, read my previous posts of February 11, February 16, February 23, and March 4; you can read a hilarious account of being an extra in the movie at Dan's Media Digest.
Above: Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria.

Julian Fellowes, the screenwriter, says: "Everyone thinks they know [Queen Victoria] but 99 per cent of the public don’t know anything about the story we are telling and will be surprised. People think of a fat widow in black. They’ve forgotten the exciting young woman trying to find her own way. Some girls like to have fun and she was certainly one of them.”

Above: Blunt.

Above: Blunt with Rupert Friend as Prince Albert.

Above: Friend with greyhounds.

Above: Two unidentified actors try to keep the rain off their wigs while waiting to shoot their scenes.

Above: Princess Beatrice has a non-speaking role as a lady-in-waiting; her mother, the Duchess of York, is one of the film's executive producers.

Above: Screenwriter Julian Fellowes chats with the actors.

Above: Fellowes.


Anne Whitfield - author said...

This films looks good. Thanks for posting.

Noel Paul said...

was affected over a decade ago by a young victoria biography ,look
forward to film by this company

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