Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Welcome to my blog, which is devoted to the amazing (and sometimes appalling) age of the Victorians (1837-1901). In the course of my research on Victorian theatre and cultural history, I often come across things that are irrelevant to the work at hand but too interesting to ignore. This blog will be a repository of the miscellaneous fantastic--a sort of salmagundi, if you like--and will also note the profound ways in which the Victorians continue to shape our world. Because libraries, archives, and theatres play such an important role in my life, I will sometimes pay side visits to issues affecting them, as well. The blog is begun today in celebration of the 169th birthday of one of my favorite Victorians, the actor-manager Sir Henry Irving. Enjoy!


Richard Carter, FCD said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

I am a big fan of niche-interest weblogs (and of the Victorians). I shall monitor your posts with interest.

Kristan Tetens said...

Thank you! I hope you will enjoy reading the blog.

Buff Huntley said...

Lovely! I can spend hours here (and probably will). I hope you will be posting more about your theatre interests, as it is a special favorite of mine. Thanks for the myriad useful links you have, too. I'll be checking back.

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